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The Story Behind Princess & Tiaras

On February 18th, 2014 Bianca Barona Abud received some of the most devastating news a parent could hear: her three-year-old son, Luca, had been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Amidst a whirlwind of doctor appointments and emotions, Bianca learned her job of 10 years was letting her go after a company-wide restructuring. Shortly after, her father-in-law passed away.

Despite the difficult time that Bianca and her family were experiencing, Bianca made a conscious decision not to give up. Seeing strength in Luca and daughter Isabella, Bianca found the courage to start her own business. From there, Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations was born.

Bianca drew from her lifelong love of singing, dance, makeup artistry and fashion to create Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations. The event planning company brings a unique spa and beauty-themed party experience to the celebrants' door with a mobile Spa Truck. Aimed at girls ages 3 to 12, Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations takes the stress of throwing a children's party away from Houston-area parents.

Bianca structured her business to give her a flexible schedule. Only offering parties on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays allows Bianca to be present for all of Luca’s doctor appointments. Having a reliable staff, Bianca could leave an event in a split second should Luca or Isabella need her.

Today, Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations has become part of the Abud family. Bianca affectionately refers to the business as her “third child.” Having immigrated to the United States from Mexico, Bianca counts on her daughter, Isabella as a model for her clientele in the U.S. market.

“Whenever I have an idea, I always show it to my daughter first to get her approval. Then I know the other girls will love it!” says Bianca.

Not only did Princess & Tiaras Spa Celebrations help Bianca support her family and her son’s medical expenses, but the business gave Bianca an outlet when she needed it the most.

“Without this – without the parties, without the singing, dancing, having fun, seeing other girls having fun, being happy. I don’t know what I would do. I was going crazy” says Bianca, “It made a huge difference in my life.”

Bianca has hosted over 300 parties to date. She saw a return on the investment she made in the company in just two years. She now employs a staff of six and is exploring franchising the business in cities outside Houston.

"This could be something big!" Bianca reacts to the demand for more event planning companies like her own “People want to be a part of this.”

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